Seven Home Ownership Myths

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Keller Williams
Seven Home Ownership Myths
Are any of these fears holding you back in your home search?
1. "I can't afford to buy a home now."
FACT: If you're paying rent, you can buy.

2. "I should wait until the real estate market gets better."
FACT: The long-term factors, not the short-term market, are what make real estate one of the most stable investments.

3. "I don't have money for a down payment."
FACT: Many options are available to make a down payment, some as low as 5 percent.

4. "I can't buy a home because my credit isn't very good."
FACT: A Mortgage Broker can help resolve credit challenges and explore your options.

5. "I can't afford to buy my dream home."
FACT: Buying a home and building equity puts you closer to that dream home than if you hadn't bought at all.

6. "I should wait to buy a home until I get married."
FACT: Again, getting in the game is key. If your future spouse doesn't like the home, rent it or sell it and put your incomes toward a new one.

7. "Buying a home seems way too complicated."
FACT: That's where we come in. we're ready to guide you through every step of the home-buying process by putting my local expertise to work for you.
Finding a property that exceeds your expectations starts with a team that exceeds your expectations. Call me today to arrange a personalized consultation.